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Why Atom Studio?

We’re an award-winning, full-service creative studio with over a decade’s worth of experience creating stunning 3D animated videos & CGI.

Just some of the amazing brands we've worked with

Formula 1
Charlotte Tilbury
Mr Porter
London Business School
The Trussell Trust

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Atom for over three years, creating content aired to millions of viewers over the globe. Their work is incredible but what really sets them apart is their attitude, dedication and commitment to getting a job done and always striving to do the best.

Ed Gay, Senior Graphics Producer

Our process

Producing 3D animation or CGI can be complex but we partner with you at every stage of the process to ensure we create something amazing that brings your dreams to life and achieves your objectives.



We arrange a kick-off call to chat through the brief, discuss your goals and objectives of the project and highlight any challenges. We also discuss the potential style of the animation and go through any references.



We then develop a concept and script for your project. Once that's agreed, we develop an Audio/visual script. We'll also create visual references and from that we produce style frames and storyboards.



Once that stage is signed off, we move onto animation. We produce a preview for you to review. This allows you to provide feedback early on in the production. We then carry on with the rest of the animation.



With your animation complete, we go ahead and mix the voiceover and music and add sound effects to really add production value and immerse the viewer. Audio is the secret sauce to any successful project.


Final delivery

Now that production has finished, we supply you with your final animation in whatever format you require. We can also produce edits for social media and give advice when it comes to launching your video.

A still from the 3D animated explainer LandClan video

What is 3D animation & CGI?

3D animation is a computer-generated animation that involves 3D models and specialised software. 3D models are created of environments, characters and objects and are then animated in 3D. Rendering software is then used to turn these wireframe meshes into stylised or photorealistic image sequences. Whereas 2D animation is largely restricted to the 2D dimensional space, with 3D animation you have complete freedom to view 3D models from any angle you desire.

What are the benefits of 3D animation & CGI?

3D animation is a powerful tool for creating visually stunning and immersive animations and can dramatically raise the production value of any project. Whereas large teams of digital aritsts were once required to produce 3D animation or CGI, now it’s achievable with small teams with smaller budgets. You also get a level of freedom that’s not possible with 2D and this allows far more creative flexibility. The immersive experience created with 3D and CGI in unparalleled.
F1 3D animated ident

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