Accord Healthcare

The marketing team approached us to bring their brand's characters to life with 3D animation.

Accord Healthcare are one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical businesses. They tasked us to create a 3D animation to explain their brand’s vision and mission.

Working with the team at TVF, we helped bring the characters to life. Initially, we started with the storyboarding process and then moved on to define the style and tone of the 3D animation. Once the look and feel had been developed, we set about creating the animatics, where we blocked in the characters’ movements. Once that stage was signed off, we polished the animation and created all the textures and lighting in Redshift and Cinema 4D.

Although Atom has vast experience in creating 3D animations, this pushed the team’s limits and had us completely remodel our production pipeline. Whilst challenging, it was an incredible experience and we’re exceptionally proud of the final animation.

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