Atom were tasked with creating a video that explored Proximie's vision to improve global healthcare.

We were approached by the talented team at Dirt & Glory to create a short 3D animated film that explored futuristic operating rooms that spanned the earth and allowed for the sharing of key medical data that would democratise surgery.

Proximie is a technology platform that allows clinicians around the world to virtually ‘scrub in’  to any operating room around the world. This allows every patient, regardless of their location, to receive the very best healthcare.

The concept focused on abstract “ORs” or operating rooms that are connected on a global scale. At the heart of these operating rooms is the OS. Here, clinicians can join live procedures around the world and it also acts as a library that stores each and every procedure. We focused on the concept of sharing data and how it creates a borderless network of the best information, revolutionising the healthcare sector.

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