F2 3D Animation Title Sequence

A look at the Formula 2 2021 title sequence.

Are you a keen Formula 1 and Formula 2 fan? You might have seen some of our latest work!

Here at Atom Studio, we’ve always had great fun working with Formula 1. When they approached us to work with their broadcast department on the 2021 Formula 2 title sequence, we absolutely agreed. Here’s why.

Our History with Formula 1.

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with Formula 1 since 2019 on a vast array of exciting projects. Starting out with their digital team, we produced content for their website and social media. These projects racked up a staggering 4.7m views on Facebook and YouTube alone! 

The first Atom Studio/Formula 1 collaboration was “F1 Firsts” – a series of explainer animations diving into Formula 1’s rich history. You can learn about the history of carbon fibre monocoques, and how they came to be, here

Next up, we worked on creating stylised 3D animations for a project with both Formula 1 and DHL.
“Building the Greatest Racing Spectacle on the Planet” gave viewers a unique insight into the ingenuity and precision required for DHL to transport Formula 1 around the world. 

From Formula 1’s headquarters in London to spectacular events in Melbourne, Abu Dhabi, Brazil and Singapore, the level of planning is simply astounding. 

Last year, Formula 1 also asked us to work on all the 3D shots for the 2020 Formula 2 title sequence, which was great fun. This included all the macro shots with fluid simulations. The finished product also features current Formula 1 drivers during their time in Formula 2, showcasing how Formula 2 really does produce the “stars of tomorrow”.

The 2021 Broadcast Sequence.

Following the success of our previous ventures with Formula 1, we’re thrilled to have been asked to collaborate again.


We were brought on at this project’s conception and worked closely with the producers on their broadcast team to help develop the style. We also provided animatics early on to assist their edit. 


The original concept aimed to show a driver starting their engine, and demonstrate various parts of the vehicle. To achieve this, we honed in on the engine, gears, pedals, even crankshafts! As we dive into each piece’s function, they quickly begin to work in harmony, bringing us the sport we love. 


A huge amount of research and development was needed to ensure we were able to produce realistic results that were also visually interesting. We wanted to show just how much goes into these vehicles, and really highlight the sheer magnitude of power under the drivers’ control. 


This challenging project also features character animation and even dust simulation to marry together each aspect. We loved being a part of this and had loads of fun in the process! And we think it showed, as the sequence has been warmly received both by Formula 1’s senior creative team and their fans. 


This brilliant project has led to further work with them, including a project for the launch of the new 2022 Formula 1 car. You heard it here first! 

Watch the full title sequence here.

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