ReMark Group

Atom worked with the ReMark Group again to create a 2D explainer animation for V-Claims.

We have worked with ReMark previously and were excited when they approached us to create a new animation for their V-Claims product. Using the design for the robot provided by their internal team, we produced an animation that focused on the benefits of their service instead of overloading the viewer with technical information.

The robot is called Velogica and is the name of their underwriting software and we needed to show how V-Claims works in tandem with Velogica. The client didn’t want this to be a technical video that might be off-putting to prospective clients and so we decided during the script and storyboarding phase to focus on the benefits and features.



For the look and feel, they wanted it to feel friendly and leave the viewer feeling like the software could have a positive impact on their business. 

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