The Akkermansia Company

We collaborated with the communications agency Dirt & Glory to produce this 2D explainer animation.

The team at Dirt & Glory approached us to create this visually engaging animation that takes us into our microbiome and explains just how incredible the Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria really are.

Initially, the client wanted a straightforward animation that lists the benefits of the bacteria and its important role in our health. We discussed with them the target audience and their objectives and changed the direction to be more visually engaging and emotive.

Instead of simply listing their attributes, we wanted the audience to look at the Akkermansia and feel excited, optimistic and not disgusted by their appearance. We carefully designed them to be more visually appealing and accurate.

We’re really proud of the outcome and the client was thrilled too.

Atom Studio

Producer: Carla Shaw
Creative Director: Chris Shaw
Pre-production: Atom Studio
Animation: Callum Cannarella & Chris Shaw

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